.co Domains – The Great .com Alternative

Are you in the market for a .com domain name, but finding that obtaining a suitable one that is actually available is near impossible?  Finding the right .com address for your business is getting harder each day. You need one that fits your brand name, but is not very long, and it has to be easy for customers to recall and spell. The .com domains have existed for 26 years now and there are currently 90 million of these in existence.

Unless you want a lengthy drawn out name, or wish to fork out big dollars to buy a name from someone that currently holds the one you want, the selections will be very slim. You want your customers to easily remember your domain name, and usually that indicates the smaller the better. So you fire up the computer and start typing names into a domain search box, merely to find that just about everything you are considering is claimed. So now what are you going to do?

Its Time to Look at .co Names

Perhaps it is time to contemplate the newly introduced .co domains.

In July of 2010, a new domain name space was released to the world. It was the .co name space and following its release, its popularity has grown rather well. Actually, in its initial year of existence the .co name space has experienced more than one million names registered. Nevertheless, you will find lots of names remaining, which makes getting a name you want relatively easy.

You must certainly be wondering if the .co domain will give you the same advantages that you can expect when using the .com domain. It looks like the answer to this is yes, .co domains are handled in pretty much the same way. Google appears to rank them suitably and in the exact same manner as a .com handle. Every human being or company can register them and there are no documentation requirements. The registration interval covers from 1 to 5 years and they are renewable and transferable. Plus they can be registered by means of any acknowledged Registrar.

Still Have Concerns?

I hear you loud and clear. You want to be sure that the .co domain is a product that would be business acknowledged and people today will take seriously. I do not feel that this will be a dilemma, as a number of big name companies recently recorded their very own .co names. Amazon registered 3, 1 letter .co handles in addition to cloud.co, and Twitter may now be found at t.co. Or maybe you’ve observed the current ads for Overstock.com, who are now happily announcing themselves as o.co. The moment is fresh for the pickin’s. If currently there is that .com address that you just can’t seem to obtain, it could be your moment for a do-over with a .co domain name.

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