Communicating with your Customers using Your Google Business Listing

Communicating with your Customers using Your Google Business Listing

With the recent pandemic there has been an increased need to communicate with customers due to changes in hours or ways we handle purchases etc.  Posting these updates on your website and Facebook page are great ways to handle this communication. However, there are customers that you could also be reaching through your google listing.

Many times we don’t think of using our google local business listing as a way of communication.  Chances are if you have a local business, and a Google local listing, people will come across that first when searching for your business, even before your website or social media pages.

Your listing allows you not only to post offers, updates, events and products, but also your website, phone number, address, email and more! Your google business listing is a great way to alert your customers in a simple and clear way while giving them all the contact information they need with just one search.

How to Claim your Google Business Listing

Claiming your business listing is an important step in getting the information that customers need to be able to utilize your products and services. Open Arms Marketing offers services to help you claim your business on google as well as create a clear, and professional listing for your business. Contact to learn more about claiming your business.

Creating Post Updates on Your Listing

Once your business is claimed on Google, or if you already have a local listing, check out these 3 simple steps below to create informative posts on your business to keep customers updated on the latest!

1.) Visit

2.) Sign into your business account. (You will need to have claimed your listing to do this.) Contact us if you need your business claimed.

3.) In your left-hand tool bar select “Posts”, as shown in the picture.

You will find the tools to post updates to your business regarding COVID-19, special events and so much more!

Once you have your post created, the message can be viewed directly on your local listing for anyone searching your business!

Check out the example below.

Learn More

If you have questions, or would like to receive more information on how to get your business on a Google local listing feel free to contact us! We are here for all of your digital marketing needs.

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