Create a Link to Place a Call from a Mobile Phone

Create a Link to Place a Call from a Mobile Phone

This has been the year of mobile for me as I figured it was time to hop on the train or forever be lagging behind with no chance to catch up. Most of my sites are now being built with Responsive Designs and my analytics show more folks reaching my customer’s sites with mobile devices.

Recently I came across a cool attribute you can use with the “href” tag that you don’t see too much about. It is the “tel” attribute and it is used to invoke a phone call from a mobile phone when this particular link is clicked. I have been using the tel link for any sites that would benefit from their customers having the ability to place a quick mobile call to their business.

So here is the syntax: <a href=”tel:4104525280″>Touch to call from your mobile phone</a>

I have found this format, area code and then the 7 digit number works best for generating calls in the North East US.  Realize that each mobile browser could treat the link slightly differently, but most will first present you with a screen where you can see the call you are placing before pushing the phone button, or you have other options such as adding the number to your contacts.  I would recommend putting text in the link that makes it clear to the user that this is for placing a call on your mobile phone because an error will be generated if a user clicks the link from their desktop browser.

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