Email Transition Page

The Migration is complete. If you need to retrieve you email via the web or an app such as Outlook, see the information below:

After the migration, the easiest and fastest way to get access to your new email box is by webmail. This can be a temporary solution for you until you get your phone app or other app updated with the correct information.

To get email by a web browser: go to and log in there. You can also use For example mine could be Use your email address as your username and your email password to log in. The new email has stricter password requirements. If your old password does not meet these requirements it should prompt you and have you change your password. If you are getting weird errors or it is saying account doesn’t exist, clear your cache and try again.

Help Articles

Help Articles to Set Up Microsoft email on desktops or phones

Phone setup – quick tips 1 – first log into webmail and makes sure all your messages are there. 2 – delete the account for your old email on your phone app. 3 – create a new account (or mailbox) 4 – select Office or Office 365 as type. 5 – It will prompt you for the email address and password. 6 – Most apps should then auto set everything up for you. 7 – If you are getting weird messages such as “email does not exist” restart your phone and try again.

The link below has help articles for various app scenarios

If your app does not auto-detect the new server settings here they are in case you need to add them manually:

Manual settings
Incoming Server – – port 993 – SSL
Outgoing Server – – port 587 TLS

Godaddy Support Number – 480-624-2500

– You can always call and ask Godaddy for help in setting up your email client. I will try to be as available as possible, but with 30 emails migrating I may not be available right away. Call Godaddy and enter your customer number as 39343721. When prompted for your PIN respond “don’t know”. From the support menu select the option for email support. Explain that your workspace email has just migrated to Microsoft email and you need help configuring your email client. Their response times on the help line have been very quick.