Facebook Timeline Cover Template

Facebook seems to change things and change them often. This tends to make people angry, but most of the changes are for the better and folks eventually get used to them and sometimes even learn to love them. A recent change is the timeline format. Anyone that hasn’t switched to this new format by March 31st will get switched over automatically. Now is a good time to create your cover so you’ll be ready.

The cover is the large picture at the top of the page. There is often confusion with what size this image should be. Facebook says it must be at least 720 px wide. The maximum width is 850 px and I recommend using this entire space. Any space not used will automatically be filled in as a solid. The height should be 315 px.

Your profile picture appears in the lower left of the cover and partially overlaps your cover image. This is important to remember when designing your cover as the profile pic will be over the top of a small portion of your cover design. Here is a template that shows you where the profile picture will be position on your cover. The template is 850px X 315px, the maximum cover size. Use this to make sure something important on your cover design does not get covered up by the profile picture. Erase the outline as this is slightly larger than the actual spot the profile occupies.

right click and “save as” or “save link as” to download this file. timeline cover template

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