Using the Exact Matching Domain Name For a Landing Page

Using the Exact Matching Domain Name For a Landing Page

In a previous article I explained how I have been able to take an exact matching domain name (EMD) and forward it, with a 301 re-direct to an existing site in order to boost its rankings.  In fact, by doing this with a bakery site, I was able to get the keyword “shoo fly pie” to move from google’s page 6 to page 3 in just a few days.  From there I was able to work the ranking to the point where the term “buy shoo fly pie” comes up in the number 1 spot on google.  But sometimes you may want to build an entire new site for your EMD or better yet a separate landing page just for this purpose.

This brings us to our latest Customer Highlite, CPP Technology Services.  They provide local services in the Lancaster, PA area such as computer and printer repair and also re-filling toner and ink cartridges.  Recently they have started making repairs to cell phones.  Their goal is to really boost this part of their business because there is a lot of potential for them is this area.  I found the search term cell phone repair lancaster pa is a popular one and currently does not return what I would consider a good, relevant list of cell phone repair centers.  Since CPP’s main site has a variety of services they offer I wanted to have this search term just focus on cell repair and nothing else.  So I built a landing page that used the domain name “” and put all of CPPs pertinent information related to this part of their business on the page.  I also mentioned their other services on the landing page and provided a link to their main site, but the page itself has everything it needs to gain cell phone repair business from potential customers.

I also made sure the page is fully responsive meaning it will adjust itself accordingly so it displays properly on all types of mobile devices.  Not only is this a key for any page or site today, for this business in particular a lot of people will be finding them on mobile devices.  Keep in mind that EMDs for the most part are related to .com, .net and .org domains.  They do not seem to work with other domain name extensions.

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